Pricing Action Plan

Pricing—the mere word can stir a mix of emotion and trepidation within an accounting firm. Yet, it stands as one of the most pivotal components of your business strategy. This guide is dedicated to helping transform your pricing from a sporadic guesswork to a strategic mastery.

Within this guide lies the distillation of the '10 Commandments of Pricing'—a beacon for accountants navigating the complex waters of cost-plus, fixed, and value pricing models. You'll unravel how each commandment is not just a guideline but a strategic shift toward recognizing and capturing the true worth of your services.

We hope this brief guide will equip you with the understanding to make pricing a powerful tool rather than a mere necessity, being fairly compensated for your worth whilst ensuring clients feel the investment in your services is a stepping stone to their success.

We also hope that going forward, you won't just set prices; you'll strategize them. You'll move away from the one-size-fits-all approach, unleashing the storyteller within to showcase the epic accounts of value that your firm can offer. Welcome to the new era of pricing in your Elite Firm.

Get your guide on how to improve your firm's pricing strategy.