How to 'create' time, get control and focus on what's important

Accountants are often "time-poor".

“Lack of time” is by far the most frequent reason people give for failing to implement actions they know will have a positive influence on their business. 

This is interesting because we all have all the time there is, so clearly it’s not a lack of time. It’s a question of your priorities and your willingness to take control of your life.

This guide shows you how to 'create' time, get control and focus on what's important. It contains:

  • a powerful system for improving productivity;
  • how accountants can best use Stephen Covey's Urgent Important Matrix;
  • the 7 best ways to claw back time; and
  • a note about the use of pro-forma agendas incl Clarity's Post Accounts Meeting agenda from our AgendaCreator module

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